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About Us

SAMRAT ENGINEERING, Our Valves and Fitting Sector has an Experiance of over 10 years and our idea is to provide Quality material and Service to the Petro Chemical and Power plant Industries. Our commitment to that has helped our company grow from two phones and a couple of desks to becoming a major supplier of valves to the valve industry.

Our broad product line which is Types of fitting, Safety Valves, Check Valves and Flow Control Valves are easily tailored to meet the demands of your application. Seals, O-rings and Valve seats are available in a variety of materials.

We maintain fully staffed machine shop, assembly, engineering and quality departments to react to ever changing customer needs and expectations.

SAMRAT ENGINEERING is a Manufacturer and Distributor of Butterfly Valves, Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Needle Valves, Check Valves And Valve Manifolds. Also our FITTINGS Sector Consist of IBR, NON IBR Instrumentation Tube & Pipe Fittings, Compression fittings, Air Header and Syphons, Condensate Pots, Quick Release Coupling & Snubber . Basically we deal in All types of Vales, Fitting and Pneumatic Products.

Why Us ?

Our organization has endowed the clients with products with unmatchable quality and superior radial capacity. In addition, there are certain other factors which strengthen our pole position in the market. Following are some of the reasons, which give a competitive edge over our competitors and make us a

Our Team

We firmly believe that a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals gives an impetus to the overall growth of the company. Similar for us, hence we have employed a team of industrious professionals, which work in perfect harmony. Well versed with the product and involved process, our professionals support us in meeting the diverse requirements of the clients within time schedules. Moreover, the team conducts various market survey and research to analyses and deliver products as per changing trends and new developments of the industry.